Pet ID Collars & Tags

NaviTagi's unique combination of features :

Robust design

Your pet will put the tag through a variety of conditions - through snow, water and dirt, through numerous pulls and bites, through various tests of its toughness… But we thought of it all!

Variety of colors and sizes

Does your dog have a beautiful red collar? Or blue? Or dark grey? NaviTagi Tags can be chosen in any color to match your pet’s collar! Also don’t forget to look through available sizes and pick the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Updatable contact data

Ultimately, the purpose of the tag is to help your pet return home if it ran away or got lost. NaviTagi lets you update the contact information tied to your pet’s tag online at any time!

This is NOT paint!

All the writing and pictures you see on NaviTagi tags are not made with paint! And neither it is laser etching, nor metal engraving. It is...

Special technology

The information is inscribed onto NaviTagi tags using special technology that is also used in the defense industry. The information is inscribed into the metal, rather than on its top layer. This way, it is nearly impossible to wipe it off or damage - so it always remains visible.

Durable materials

We use durable synthetic tape that does not tear even under high pressure.
The steel ring that attaches the tag to the collar has 2 coils and is nearly impossible to break, even under extreme conditions.
Aluminium plate does not corrode and its unique design enhances its durable structure.  

Simple design

The simpler, the more reliable! The ring, the tape and the contact information plate are secured together with a rivet. The tag is connected to the collar with a single ring, without the use of extra, smaller rings. This eliminates the possibility of losing the tag due to connector rings breaking.

A variety of color options

Isn’t it nice when you are able to perfectly match the colors? Browse all available NaviTagi colors and pick the one that will go perfectly with your pet’s collar - whether to match it or make it stand out!


Who wants to carry something heavy around their neck? No, thank you! Your dog’s comfort is very important to us. So NaviTagi tag weighs only 4-7 grams, making it light for even the smallest dog!

Does not clang

You do not need to buy a silencer for your NaviTagi tag. We are able to fit all the necessary information on one plate that does not come in contact with the metal ring, so it doesn’t make noises bothersome to you or your pet!

Easy to clean

The tag is very easy to clean and maintain - whether it is after weeks of wear or after one extreme hike! All you need to do is take off the metal ring, put NaviTagi in a washing bag (or simply in a sock!) and wash with the rest of your laundry.

Easily contact the owner

The ID numbers and website use an international system sos_id_system. The system and website design allow the person who found the lost pet to locate the owner’s contact information in under 20 seconds. Just enter the ID number indicated on the back of NaviTagi.

Easy online registration

Login and password are often easy to forget, so we set up our system without them! Once you buy a NaviTagi tag, you need to go to and save your contact information there - this is the information that will be shown to a person who finds your pet if it runs away! Your contact information will be tied to the ID number found on the tag. We will send a text message to confirm the phone number you saved. Fast and easy!

Update your contact data online

Are you going on a trip and leaving your pet with a sitter? You can temporarily change your saved contact information to show the number of the person staying with your pet - either before your trip or during! If your pet runs away, that person will be contacted and reunited with your pet!
It is important to keep the emergency contact information up to date and ensure your pet’s safe return home!  

2 contact numbers

Two is better than one! You can tie two contact numbers to your NaviTagi  - one main and one back-up. Both will show up when the ID number from the tag is entered, so if one number doesn’t reach you, you can get contacted on the second to learn your pet was safely found!


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