About NaviTagi

NaviTagi idea - to supply people with an easy way to take care of their friends and family (which includes pets!) and to be easily reached in an emergency.

Emergency can happen anytime.

In order for people to reach you and let you know what happened, your contact information needs to be up to date.

NaviTagi lets you do that - you can update your contact information anytime, from anywhere, even if you had to go on a last minute trip - all done easily, online. 

Registration, view, and editing of contact information are all done online at:

My_SOS_Contact Tags: www.sosme.org

Pet ID Tags: www.ids.pet or www.helpme.pet

Luggage Tags: www.myowner.tel

-The sites are specifically designed to be mobile-friendly
-No application needs to be downloaded, so you can save your phone’s memory
-No need to create or remember logins and passwords
-All actions on websites are free - no subscription or hidden fees.


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Czech Republic 


Email: support@navitagi.com
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