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in case of your family or friends’ emergency

Who needs "My SOS Contact"?


The world is changing quickly, and children are becoming more accustomed to mobile technology earlier on in life. Most kids have a mobile phone that parents can call to ask for their whereabouts and make sure everything is OK. But, kids are kids, and often phones get forgotten, lost, or the battery gets drained at a bad time. If a small child gets lost, and their phone is dead, it may be difficult to get their parents’ phone numbers. In an emergency, without their parents, kids may start to panic, cry, and feel an intense fear. But, if the child has an SOS Contact Tag, they can simply show it to an adult and their parents will be reached in under 1 minute! And if there are two emergency contacts tied to the ID, it doubles the chances of reaching a parent.


 Elderly are in many ways similar to children. Although the may not be as quick to pick up new technology, and they more easily get confused by different smartphone functions, their life experience helps them to avoid emergency situations and/or resolve them independently.
Unfortunately, most seniors have health issues, which may also escalate at any moment, anywhere. Having an SOS Contact Tag in a critical moment will allow to reach a family member quickly and let them know about the emergency. This can help to avoid long waiting periods and attempts to find relatives. Uncertainty is scary - and SOS Contact Tag can help get information quickly. 

Active people

More and more people choose to lead an active lifestyle.
If your loved one often takes trips on a bike, goes hiking, or running, you, most likely, often feel a slight worry while they are away.
Increased number of vehicles on the road and heavier traffic presents a danger for bikers and runners.
Hiking, hunting, or fishing in solitude can be very rewarding and enjoyable. However, emergencies often arise that require immediate contact with loved ones.
Imagine the confidence you can have if you know that your number will be found in under 1 minute if an emergency happens with your loved one. SOS Contact Tag gives you that confidence.   

How "My SOS Contact" Tag works:

Адресник для собак NaviTagi, надежная конструкция.

1. Save your contact data

After you buy the Tag, go to and, under Registration, associate two emergency contact numbers with the ID indicated on the tag (e.g. your number and an additional number).
These phone numbers will be displayed when the ID is entered on in an emergency situation. 

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2. Give the Tag to your loved one

Once you have successfully registered the ID number, give the Tag to your child, spouse, parent, relative, or a friend.
The Tag can be attached to a keychain, belt, or clothing - whatever is the easiest to ensure it’s always with you.  

Адресник для собак NaviTagi - легко обновить контактные данные Владельца.

3. You will be contacted in emergency

 If something happens to your loved one, the people around can contact you by following the simple instructions on the Tag (i.e. entering the ID found on the tag on website). This way, you will be quickly notified of the situation.  

My SOS Contant Tag advantages:

Адресник для собак NaviTagi, надежная конструкция.

Convenient design

The Tag has a modern design and a convenient shape, drawing attention and allowing to attach it to a number of items.
- It does not have sharp edges, so it will not get stuck or catch any of your clothing
- Very light: only 15 grams (or ounces)
- Tough and durable construction, made specifically to endure constant and prolonged use
- Orange color attracts attention and makes the Tag visible from afar
- Metal plates with text reflect light and can be spotted from afar even in the dark 

Адресник для собак NaviTagi, большой выбор размеров и цветов.

Reliable information

The text is applied on the metal plate using special technology that is also used in military industry.
It is NOT paint, which can easily rub off.
The text application method we use guarantees its readability throughout the lifetime of the Tag.
The text and information on the Tag are presented in a concise, clear manner. It ensures that anyone can easily understand what it is and what needs to be done in an emergency.  

Адресник для собак NaviTagi - легко обновить контактные данные Владельца.

Updatable contact information

We use sos_id_system database for information storage and output.
This allows you to update your contact information anytime, anywhere in the world - all online.
It ensures that your contact information is up to date and you can be reached in an emergency situation.
If you are on vacation or on a last-minute work trip, you can temporarily change the emergency contact to the person who is staying home and can assist in an emergency. 

NaviTagi SOS ID Tag

NaviTagi SOS Medical Alert ID Tag

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